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Authors: Tristan P. Hughes


Type: Residential design – new build houses, renovations and                        extensions


Location: Finland and Great Britain


Status: Built or Completed


Year: 2003 to date


As a free-lance architect Tristan has completed over 15 projects in Finland and Great Britain that have involved the design and statutory certification, these have ranged in price from £12 000 to 100 000€.


Since 2003 these have included the renovation of a ~100-year-old log building in Kaarina Finland, the feasibility study for a 155m² detached retirement home in Shipton Bellinger, England and the loft and basement extension to a large terrace rental property for a landlord in Manchester.

Left Column

Harley Road, Manchester 2005

Private House - Loft conversion (23.5m²)


Park Road, Cheshire 2006

Private House - House extension (28.5m²)


Grange Road, Manchester 2004

Private House - Loft conversion (39.0m²)


The Housing Link. Housing association, Manchester 2005

Supported Housing - Feasibility study for renovation and alterations for new office layout (69.5m²)


Barlow Road, Manchester 2004

Rental Accommodation - Basement conversion and flank extension (42.0m²)


Right Column

Mansfield, Scotland 2009

Feasibility study - Extension and Conversion of existing office out building (formerly stables)

Single-family home in preparation for retirement (100.0m²)


The Old Shop, Hampshire 2013

Feasibility study - Renovation and extension of former stables into a single-family home

Net zero energy house designed for an elderly couple as a retirement home (155.0m²)


Ulpukkatie, Kirkkonummi 2010

Feasibility study - Extension to log house (151.5m²)


Rauvolankuja, Kaarina 2009

Sauna extension - Renovation to existing building with new loft space added (73.0m²)


Harley Road, Manchester 2003

Private House - Loft conversion, bathroom renovation and flank extension (37.0m²)

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