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Authors: Tristan P. Hughes

                 Ville Ylönen

                 Lennart Lang


Type: Conversion


Area: 630 k-m²


Location: Hietaranta, Helsinki


Status: Construction started in May 2014

             Opened to the public Nov 2016


Year: 2013



Hietsun Pavilion built in 1930 is located on the edge of Hietaranta beach in the south west of Helsinki. The pavilion constructed of wood, in a neo-classical style contained staffed changing facilities for the newly formed man made beach. In its hay-days the beach was a popular attraction leading to the pavilion being extended on a number occasions. In the early 1990's due to a lack of funding and reduced popularity the pavilion started to fall into disrepair. Around 2010 a group of local residents became concerned that the pavilion was becoming so degraded that it would have to be demolished, that they asked students from Helsinki University of Technology to provide ideas for its revival. In 2012 Ville Ylönen, completed his masters degree thesis in which he proposed that the building be converted into a community centre. This idea lead to the formation of Friends of Hietaranta community centre association and in December 2013 the pavilion was purchased from the City of Helsinki, with the intension of renovating the building to create a public function hall and offices for the creative industries and for NGO's. 



In early 2013, Tristan Hughes and Lennard Lang joined Ville to help develop the design and to produce working drawings. The architectural idea is based on the need to form a new street entrance to the pavilion. This resulted in the creation of a new central thoroughfare, positioned according to the existing street axis and existing doors. This opening cuts the building in half, creating an office wing where new windows will be created to match those formed in 1988 and a public wing which retains the original formal elevation.

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