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SAUMA is a collective of young architects based in Helsinki, established in 2013 by Emanuel Cerdeira, Marcelo Diez, Tristan Hughes and Hanna Myöhänen. Architect Pekka Pekkala joined the collective in June 2015.


The collective aim is to search out existing opportunities within the abandoned/forgotten seams of Helsinki’s urban fabric and to utilise them for co-ownership developments. In doing so creating larger, better and more personal spaces for people to live and work at a more reasonable cost than those available on the current market. The conversion of Margariinitehdas is the collective’s first collaborative project.


Currently the group are busy doing their own thing, BUT...

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email us at:


Privacy statement:

We do not collect, store or review any data related to this site.

Only contact/data made through the email address above is processed in anyway.

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